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Sports, Entertainment, Events Management Inc., otherwise known as SEEMI, officially started its operations last November 2007. Founded by distinguished businessman/diplomat/sportsman - Mr. Jean Henri Lhuillier, SEEMI is a distribution company that focuses in bringing in quality global products for health and wellness promotion, enhancement and maintenance.

"We are the best in the business of introducing lifestyle sports, health and wellness products in the Philippines. In 3 years time, our business revenue foundation will come from distributing 75% of total products belonging to the consumable category with 25% comprising the support and accessory items."

SEEMI Philippines practices superior demo-based programs in becoming the industry leader in the area of sports lifestyle, health, wellness promotion, enhancement and maintenance. We provide the best professional services and quality products available in the sports, health and wellness industry.

SEEMI is committed to exhibit the highest standards of corporate behavior towards its customers, employees, the societies and the environment in which it operates, composed of a team of highly motivated managers and staff dedicated in providing the best products and services in the industry.

First-class and reliable customer service, efficient and timely supply chain management is core to the SEEMI strategy, enabling to continue building strong relationships with our customers and develop a market-leading position.

With 5 start-up outlets in selected sports shops in 2007, SEEMI assigns well-trained Product Specialists on each outlet who will listen to customer concerns, give appropriate demonstrations for the benefits of the product as well as make the proper recommendations of the type of products that are applicable for their current as well as future use.

To date, Phiten now has a network of 13 retail outlets.

Phiten is a Japanese brand that aims to help maintain the body's natural state of balance which is easily disrupted by today's busy lifestyle.

Improvement - improves blood circulation; helps relieve pain like shoulder stiffness, back pain, muscle pain.
Prevention - helps prevent fatigue and injury by relaxing the muscles and thereby gaining some degree of flexibility
Enhancement - help enhance physical abilities like muscle strength and flexibility - maintains energy levels throughout the day.